The Ancient Magic Renewed

Night 1
Parttaking of the Dragon's blood

From across the Kingdom, the party was recruited. Martin, the fledgling ranger and Roland the youthful soldier, both of families who have long served the King, the half-dwarf misfit ______, a stout and eager adventurer, and the fugitive Norr, running from his past in the Confederacy of Independent Cities… were all summoned by the King to pledge their loyalty, learn a secret, and partake in a great and ancient magic to protect the realm from the prophesied return of the dragons. To enable this magic, they had to drink of the dragon’s blood, a thick and foul substance, but one of great power. Only a little could be found, as the dragons have been gone for centuries. Most were quick and eager to join, but Norr, emotionally scared from his past trusted the King too little to even give up his weapon in his presence. The king however, knew of Norr’s heroic and good heart as well as his great potential and sent the party to convince Norr to join them. Together they would pose outwardly as High Adviser Jeco’s aids, but secretly they would travel the kingdom performing missions the king could not openly do. Their first mission, bring the bandits of Karlstad to justice… with no help from the local authorities and without their knowledge. Duke Thoroughgood, Lord of the city, is on the take from the gang to allow their activities, and he wields great political influence, enough to plunge the kingdom into civil war…

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